Elderide is a business originally started in the North Shore area for the socially isolated aged people in the community. Throughout her career working with this demographic in day care centres, Jenny saw a need for a more personalised service.


As you are no doubt aware, people are living longer these days and are reluctant to leave their own homes to enter nursing homes or retirement villages.


Families are often too busy to give their aged relatives the time and companionship that they need. Elderide attempts to fill this gap by giving clients reliable and quality care. This enables relatives to continue in normal employment and social activities without worrying about their aged or infirmed relative. One of the many indirect services of Elderide is that it provides carer relief.


Elderide assists in renewing previous skills and maintains existing abilities, by providing a stimulating service which will allow the aged to stay in their own homes for a longer period of time, and those in retirement villages access to services on a personalised basis.


While people can do this now with taxis that have been built to carry wheelchairs, the drivers are often late, only pick up and drop at the front gate, and only take the passenger to the required destination. By contrast, Elderide provides door to door service, ensuring the person is safely inside their home. Between these points, we are constantly with the person as a companion-carer.


This means that many older people who do not wish to be a burden to their families, or people who do not have the family support, or simply those that may be in retirement or nursing homes but still want to be independent, are now able to do so.


Elderide provides access to basic living skills like shopping, going to a hairdresser or barber or transportation to medical appointments or bill paying, or very simply, a drive to a local park or beach. One of our clients wants to go and visit relatives and friends, and then drop by, on the way home to the RSL to play the pokies and have a lemonade with friends!


There are many surveys and statistics that show that Australia’s population is aging. Elderide offers this growing proportion of the population freedom and independence whether they are still living at home, or have moved into retirement village or nursing home care.


Elderide, Outings for the Elderly.